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Watch 10 Spotpower Robots (SP) (Like Robo Dogs) to Haul a Truck

Spot Mini Robots

Do you hear? It is the sound of the upcoming revolutionary robot.

Actually, it is the sound of 10 Spotpower Robots that pull a truck across the Boston Dynamics parking lot.

The robot is small and agile, the engine has four feet as high as 2.75 feet. The robot has additional capabilities, to take objects using claw-shaped arms and sensors.

This robot has been produced. It looks like this robot will be able to help with some human work.

Last year the robot was placed in four categories: construction, shipping, security, and home assistance. (And, now, roadside services.).

There is no news about the price yet.

Do you feel interested when you see robots like dogs moving and entering positions like headless troops? I would love to take one to my house.

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